About the Book

The Mojave Desert: Yesterday and Today
A vision into our past, present, and future.

The images of yesterday fade from our minds as quickly as the desert landscape alters after an earthquake. For many the only recollection that we have of the original miners, shop-keepers, real estate tycoons, and whores are through whiskey drenched stories, and tattered photographs.

Jim has taken those tattered images and brought them back to life, recapturing them today. He has stood where those original photographers have stood, retracing their footprints across the desert.

  • Large Format Coffee Table Book

    Dimensions: 9" x 10"

  • Historic & Modern Photographs

    Nearly 200 historic photographs, each recaptured.

  • No Color

    All images are presented in traditional black & white.

  • Limited Edition

    Hand Numbered, and limited to 500 copies.

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